Used Equipment Sale - Unit No. 3903006
Drywall Cart
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 Make: Perry Mfg.
 Model: PD-3
 Weight Capacity: 3,000 lbs.
 Loading Height: 14 in.
 Platform Dimensions: 44 in. x 12 in.
 Casters: 8 in. Phenolic rubber
 Cart Weight: 80 lbs.
 Overall Length: 50 in.
 Overall Width: 23 in.
 Overall Height: 47 in.
 Purchased: August, 2008
 Sale Price $100.00 plus tax
 (transportation/delivery not included)
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 Sale Terms
ALL used equipment sales are AS IS and FINAL. Used equipment sales do not include any warranty, performance guarantee, or service contract and/or obligation of any kind expressed or implied. Dahl's Equipment Rentals will provide copies of maintenance records for all used equipment purchases at the buyers request. When contacting us regarding your potential equipment interest, please reference the unit number as shown herein.