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Dahls Equipment Rentals Sale Specials
Below you'll find monthly equipment rental and/or equipment sale specials, inventory liquidation, clearance sale information, and discount coupons exclusively for visitors of our website. Be sure to bookmark this site, as new sales and specials are being added and changed frequently!

Dahl's Equipment Rentals Announces
its Weekend Special Program!
As a show of appreciation to all of our customers, Dahl's Equipment Rentals is now offering weekend rentals at a one day rate! Customers who rent their equipment anytime Saturday will get a ONE DAY rental charge for use up to 8:00 AM the following Monday morning! That's right...you get to rent the equipment Saturday and Sunday for a one day rate! This offer is applicable to all equipment in our fleet, however metered equipment must not have more than 8 hours of use logged on the hour meter and the equipment must be called off rent or returned to our store by 8:00 AM the following Monday in order to qualify for this special offer. So don't hesitate...take advantage of this unique offer now!

Tired of fixing wheelbarrow and hand truck flat tires?
Dahl's Equipment Rentals can help you make that a thing of the past with
  XT-2 Flat Free Wheelbarrow
  and Hand Truck Tires!
Inside the Marathon-xt2 are millions of microscopic air cells trapped within incredibly tough polyurethane. A formula that has created a tire that is flat proof, leak
proof, cost effective, and totally maintenance free!
Hand Truck Tire Size: 4.10/3.50 x 4"
Hand Truck Tire Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. ea.
Wheelbarrow Tire Size: 4.80/4.00 x 8"
Wheelbarrow Tire Weight Capacity: 700 lbs. ea.
Hand Truck Tire Sale Price $34.29 ea.
Wheelbarrow Tire Sale Price $55.00 ea.

NFL Hardhat Inventory Liquidation Sale
We are currently liquidating our inventory of ANSI approved NFL team hardhats. They are the Wilson Alphacap series helmets and come complete with the Preslok pinlock suspension system. They are priced to sell, and quantity is limited to stock on hand.

Dahl's Equipment Rentals
Internet Coupon Program
As a special thanks to our internet customers, Dahl's Equipment Rentals now provides coupons exclusively for visitors to our website! Please click on the button below to view and print a copy of our internet coupons.

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